The end of a chapter; The rest is still unwritten

Never could I have imagined when I joined Expedia that I would stay for over 4 years. I was 29 years old, hungry to make an impact in any way possible. One day, I got a call from a recruiter for a position in the Meta team.

I went for interviews without having an idea of what metasearch was or the very definition of it. I got it.

2 months into the job, my manager left Expedia to pursue other opportunities. I inherited tools and practices while working in parallel on how to rebuild it the way I wanted. This started with a change in algorithms, that propelled me into the limelight. Business performance was good. Back then it was just Yixiong and I, and we were kings.

The job evolved over the years which included scope, reporting structures and even a move to the new office space. Despite all the environmental changes, there was 1 constant that has kept me here for 4 years. It was you, the people that work here.

You are intelligent, driven, energetic and most importantly, kind. I felt the positive energy in the office, one I’ve not felt before and I can only hope, that in the next company that I work in will feel, at the very least, similar.

Expedia will always be in my heart and I will continue to bleed yellow and blue.

Before I end, I would like to make 2 special mentions.

First is my team, the Metasearch Team.

Jun Ru, Zac and I have been at it since the days of the old shophouse, back then when Zac was in the Analytics team. I spent the last couple of days thinking about how we grew the channel, and how through constant testing and learning, we figured it out. We made such an impact to both the top-line and bottom-line of the business but the struggle was real. Those days included waking up at odd hours and weekends to complete our analysis to determine the next course of action to take.

I couldn’t have succeeded without the 2 of you and I would like to thank you both, for putting up with me. There have been occasions when my patience was tested, and you guys had to bear the brunt of it and I would like to apologize if I have hurt your feelings.

Second, is Astri.

Over the course of 4 years, has become my best friend in and out of the office. She has the brightest smile, the biggest heart and is the kindest person I’ve ever known. I know you may be going through some troubles, but if you do decide to go back to Sydney, I promise to stay in touch and visit you occasionally.

Before I bid farewell, I would like to apologize to everyone whom I might have offended in words or in actions. It was in no way, intentional.

Finally, thank you all, I had a great run.

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  1. Beautifully written and a big “+1” on all that you said, great to work with you and your amazing team, all the best for your next step !

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