3 tips to improve your powerpoint presentation

One of the best ways to make an impact in any business setting is a powerful presentation. On top of being a persuasive speaker, your slides should help you deliver a powerful and memorable message.

Aside from the usual tips such as “Make it visual, Stick to a colour scheme”, here are 3 ways to make your slides work for you.

  1. Make the slide heading the conclusion of the slide
    For example, if you’re pitching an idea for an investment strategy, the slide heading should read “Investing in [state idea] will yield incremental $X dollars and an ROI of 120%” instead of “Here’s why we should invest in [state idea]”
  2. Start off with an executive summary
    The longer the meeting goes, the harder it is for the audience to stay focused. A good strategy is to present the executive summary in the 3rd slide (after the introduction and the table of contents). If the audience can take away with just a memory of just 1 slide, this should be it.
  3. Tell a story
    It’s challenging for the audience to remember facts and figures. You can attempt to make it easier by establishing a storyline. A common method I use is called the Situation – Complication – Question (SCQ). Firstly, you describe the current business setting (situation), the issue that exists due to the said situation (complication), and what you’re solving or trying to solve (question).

Hopefully, these 3 tips will help you craft a better deck and deliver that powerful presentation that you’ve always wanted.

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